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Spend the Whole Day Outdoors

There are plenty of outdoor activities that you can enjoy at Cudgegong Waters Park in Rylstone, New South Wales. From fishing to water sports to a night of camping, we have it all for you. Schedule your visit now, so you can relax and unwind as you let nature blow all your troubles away.


Go Fishing 

Lake Windamere is abundant with an assortment of fish. Enjoy a day out on a boat catching as many fish as you can—from golden and silver perch to Murray cod and catfish. If you need bait, we have some available at our on-site kiosk.


Cudgegong River 

Aside from Lake Windamere, you may also enjoy water activities on Cudgegong River. It is a perennial stream that is part of the Macquarie catchment within the Murray-Darling basin. The river is located in the central, western and Orana districts of New South Wales, Australia.


Test Your Fishing Skills 

Each year, the Windamere Golden Classic draws in plenty of fishing enthusiasts in one of the friendliest, relaxed, fun and most social competitions around the country. If you find yourself in New South Wales as the event draws near, check out our park. You may stay in our premises to keep you close to the competition venue at Lake Windamere.

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Spend a Night Out in the Open 

There is no better way to cap off a day in the great outdoors than camping, especially after dark. Enjoy the warmth of a campfire, and share plenty of heart-warming stories with your friends and family. A creepy tale or two could also add giggles and excitement. Aside from staying by the warmth of the campfire, you could also gaze out into the sky and see the majestic stars in their full glory away from all the light pollution of the big cities.


Enjoy the Water

Have a day of fun out in the lake. We have plenty of activities to help you enjoy the water. Jump in by yourself and swim to your heart’s content; take a canoe out and engage in boat races with your friends; feel the cool breeze on your face while sailing; and for the adventurous, try water skiing for a heart-pounding and exciting activity!


Visit the Dam

Drive over to the Windamere Dam for more activities around the area. You may walk across the dam wall to enjoy the views of the lake and Cudgegong Valley.

Windamere Dam 

Windamere Dam is 30 kilometres south-east of Mudgee on the NSW Central Tablelands. The dam is 230 kilometres north-west of Sydney via the Great Western and Castlereagh highways.

A popular inland sport and recreation destination, Windamere Dam offers attractions for fishing and water sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, campers, bushwalkers and picnickers all year round. It operates jointly with Burrendong Dam to supply water used for irrigation, stock and household needs in the Macquarie and Cudgegong Valleys. The two dams also help with flood mitigation and environmental flows.

The construction of Windamere Dam started in 1974 and was completed in 1984. Windamere Dam is a minor ungated dam that is located approximately 19 kilometres to the south-west of Rylstone. On behalf of the New South Wales Department of Land and Water Conservation, Abignano Pty Limited built the dam to supply potable water and irrigation to the towns of Gulgong and Mudgee.

Geotechnical problems encountered in the dam structure included excessive grout found in between highly fractured rocks in the foundation. Weathered Devonian conglomerates, sandstones and shales were used for the building of the foundation.

The spillway is an unlined rock cutting that provided the entire rock fill required for the construction of the dam embankment. It is located about 1 kilometre (0.62 miles) away from the dam wall in mostly unweathered Ordovician andesite. If a spillway had been built using weathered sedimentary rocks, then full concrete lining for the dam site would have been required.

The surface area of the lake is 2,030 hectares (5,000 acres), while the catchment area is 1,070 square kilometres (410 square miles). Its uncontrolled and unlined rocky cut spillway can discharge 6,270 cubic metres of water per second (221,000 cubic feet per second).

The Dam Wall is about 1,740 cubic metres (61,000 cubic feet) of rock filled with clay core were used to build the dam wall. It stands 67 metres (220 feet) high and is 825 metres (2,707 feet) long, with a maximum water depth of 58 metres (190 feet). At 100% capacity, the dam wall can hold back 368,120 megalitres (13,000×106 cubic feet) of water at 552 metres (1,811 feet) AHD.

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